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Politics with Cheri Jacobus

Sep 16, 2020

Cheri Jacobus discusses how Bill Barr, Michael Caputo, Ric Grenell, Louis DeJoy -- all were installed for nefarious reasons.

When these wholly unqualified, out-of-the-box names pop up for key posts with Trump, they're to destroy us. These are criminals, thugs and traitors.

Democrats, law enforcement, and media need to address Trump as a criminal, not just a particularly nasty politician. 

Part II:

Veteran political pollster Ron Faucheux, author of "Lunchtime Politics", a daily quick synopsis and analysis of daily polls, joins Politics With Cheri Jacobus to break down the numbers - what they mean, and where he thinks this is going on with the popular vote, and, importantly the electoral college map. 

Ron lays out the various scenarios, margins, and wiggle room on the electoral map.