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Politics with Cheri Jacobus

Feb 19, 2021

Craig Unger's main source, former KGB Yuri Shvets, says KGB agents were congratulating each other in 1987 for successfyl "active measures" using Trump. And likely still are high-fiving over Trump.

Feb 2, 2021

Claude Taylor was "RESIST" before RESIST was cool! Billboards, Baby Trump balloons, Trump Rats on a boat by Mar-a-lago, billboard trucks in DC, @MadDogPac also led to @RateMySkypeRoom when COVID hit.

Jan 16, 2021

Politics with Cheri Jacobus

Ben Meisales of @MeidasTouch joins Cheri to talk about the 2020 mega-success he and his two brothers have had with their 2020 campaign ads to defeat Trump, de-programming the Trump Cult and what's ahead. 400 ads and more than a half-billion views so far!

Jan 8, 2021

Scott Dworkin of The Democratic Coalition joins Cheri Jacobus to discuss Trump's domestic terrorists, and what comes next. 25th Amendment?  Impeachment? Prison?




Dec 18, 2020's Marc Elias, patriot and hero, has beat Trump and Rudy like a drum in courtrooms across the country as they and the GOP attempt to thwart democracy and disenfranchise voters.